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Hochwertige Peloton Bike & Bike+ Umlenkrollen-Spannlager

Hochwertige Peloton Bike & Bike+ Umlenkrollen-Spannlager

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Peloton Bike & Bike+ Kompatible Umlenkrollenlager, die mit hochpräzisen Innenteilen auf Langlebigkeit ausgelegt sind.

Dabei handelt es sich nur um die Lager allein, nicht um die Baugruppe. Ein Austauschvideo ist auf der Produktseite verfügbar und die vollständige Halterungsbaugruppe auf unserem YouTube-Kanal folgt in Kürze.


  • Einfaches, vielseitiges und robustes Design
  • Bewegung mit geringer Reibung
  • Hochgeschwindigkeitsfähigkeit
  • Nimmt radiale und axiale Belastungen in beide Richtungen auf
  • Erfordert wenig bis gar keine Wartung

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Customer Reviews

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Peloton Tech Confirmed faulty Part

I received the part and after install still had issues. Upon having a peloton technician come to fix the bike they confirmed it was a faulty part as there was lateral play in the bearings. There is also no adjustment on this part as compared to the peloton RP11 or SP11 part which does. Would not recommend purchasing here.

Hello Fred,
We are sorry to hear about the issue you experienced with our product. We were unaware you had difficulties with the installation and would have provided assistance if informed.

Contrary to the technician's advice, as a former technician directly with the company who trained and certified third-party technicians in Canada, I can assure you that the part is conventionally adjustable in one way, which is to tension the belt. If the issue you experienced is belt misalignment, the technician should have bent the bracket, whether it was ours or Peloton's, according to their SOP. However, we have developed a different method of adjusting this bracket without bending it in the event of a misalignment. We also test all brackets prior to dispatch to ensure that such adjustments are typically unnecessary.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you encounter any issues. We are more than happy to assist you and provide a resolution.

stevie Kinghorn
Excellent item

Quick delivery and excellent item.Thanks to the video the bearings were easy to install and tool provider was really handy also.Thanks again

Peter H.
Smooth and easy replacement

The video does an excellent job showing how to replace these bearings and the tool works very well to remove and install the bearing clip. This was a smooth and easy process for me to replace my worn out bearings.