Optical tread speed sensors are now available for purchase, with shipments scheduled to commence on May 24th.


We provide a variety of products with quality in mind to compliment or rejuvenate your equipment.

  • Overhaul Service

    "Bike was making awful sounds and our output numbers were going down every week despite working harder. Pelo doctor tuned everything up and it runs like new, and they installed parts that are better than the ones used by the manufacturer. Also fixed alignment issues that showed i was peddling against the brake slightly. Very fast and friendly home service, super convenient. Will be using for my ongoing maintenance."

    Josh in Burlington.

  • Original Bike Screen Pivot Installation

    "Excellent service. Was right on time. Knows what he’s doing. I’m so glad to have found him! Highly recommend."

  • Ebay

    "Shipped out quickly. Well Packaged! Super Smooth Ride. High Quality items. Glad to recommend! A+++++"

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