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Kit d'outils spécialisés Bike & Bike+

Kit d'outils spécialisés Bike & Bike+

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Ensemble d'outils spécialisés Peloton Bike & Bike +.

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Économisez 10 % sur le boîtier de pédalier TPD en cas d'achat ensemble.


  • Outils de support inférieur OEM et TPD.
  • Outil d'extraction de manivelle.
  • Outil de roulement de poulie de renvoi.
  • Vélo/vélo + réglage du siège et clé de réglage de l'écran du vélo.
  • Clé de remplacement de pédale.
  • Jeu de clés Allen
  • Adaptateur pour clé dynamométrique.

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Customer Reviews

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Full package with pretty much all you need

I ordered this package because I decided to overhaul my 5yo Bike. I did not have some of the tools required and ended up being happy I purchased this due to the fact that the torque wrench, adapter, and the crank puller tools are vital to replacing the pedal hub. I used each of the tools in this kit (although did not require the Allen wrenches, I had those). One thing to note--be sure you get the serial number of your bike when you replace the flywheel hub because, as I learned, there are two versions of this hub depending on who manufactured your Bike originally. I received the incorrect one at first. Pelodoc was amazingly responsive even on a Sunday afternoon to help me troubleshoot the issue and an alternate hub was sent out soon afterward.